Fitness tips for IPCC’s Resilience Run from Fitness Partner Titanium Fitness

Titanium Fitness was featured on New Mexico Living!

Titanium Fitness is the fitness partner for the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s Resilience Run. Titanium co-founder and co-owner Melanie Velasquez demonstrated tips and tricks for runners of all skill levels.

Ensure you’re wearing a good pair of running shoes, stretch out your feet and ankles completely, work on your hamstrings and IT bands. With runners, tight legs are something we hear about a lot. These basic techniques are a good starting point for runners.

To do the hamstring and IT band stretch, cross one foot over the other and slowly bend over, feeling the stretch in your legs. Try to avoid bouncing as you stretch.

Titanium Fitness offers “Boot Camp” for runners 18 and over at all fitness levels – the first session is free.

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