Albuquerque people share fitness transformations from 2016 New Year’s resolutions

Titanium Fitness talks to KRQE about our client’s transformations, and the Biggest Winner Challenge.

For many people, the start of the New Year will mean setting new goals.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, getting in shape is often number one.

But, so often those goals go out the window within months or even weeks.

That’s not the case for Brett Dugan. He was nearing 400 pounds in 2015.

“I’ve been overweight most of my adult life and last year, just moved in the wrong direction,” Dugan said.

He said it was his responsibly to feed his family every night.

“I took the path of least resistance, which was usually eating out,” said Dugan.

Dugan said that landed him in a situation where he feared his weight would cut his life short.

So, last January, he made the decision to finally get in shape.

“The first week, I left every night not knowing if I was coming back the next day,” he said.

Melissa Callas made that change too. She said it was for her children.

“From not being able to run a lap around the parking lot, I actually completed my first marathon back in October at the Duke City Marathon,” Callas said.

She is down 70 pounds since starting her gym journey.

By the end of 2016, Dugan lost 110 pounds.

“It’s a long journey but until you take the first step, you’re never going to make it to the end,” he said.

For millions of people across the country, that first step starts January 1st.

“Try something new, get out of your comfort zone, because you might just find something that works,” said Melanie Velasquez with Titanium Fitness.

Velasquez said group workouts are the latest trend.

“If you can bring the play element back into your workout and back into your fitness, then it’s something that you’re going to continue to do,” explained Ariane Buchanan.

Buchanan teaches aerial yoga at Black Box Fitness.

She says unique classes like hers are gaining popularity, combining weight loss and strength training with fun.

“It doesn’t become a chore,” she said.

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