In The Kitchen: Salmon Salad

Melanie joins Pueblo Harvest Cafe on New Mexico Living to talk about healthy eating.

Chef David Ruiz from Pueblo Harvest Café and Melanie Velasquez, owner of Titanium Fitness joined New Mexico Living to talk about the importance of super-foods and healthy cooking by preparing a salmon salad. To help us learn what is and how to cook with superfoods, Pueblo Harvest Café is offering a cooking class on Wednesday, January 18 at 6 p.m.

Melanie reminded us, “It’s not just about working out, but what are you doing outside the gym the matters.”

You can sign up online or call (505)-724- 3510 for more information.

The super-food salmon salad includes:

Pan seared Atlantic Salmon
Wheat berry
Mustard Greens
Grape Vinaigrette

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