Local developers launching program to use in group fitness classes

Titanium Fitness and Nuvita Pro talk fitness technology on KRQE!

An Albuquerque software developer has created a system that he says will help pave the way fitness is going around the country.

Group classes are a growing way people are getting into shape and while heart rate monitors have been around for years, this new program is incorporating that technology into group settings.

“I wanted to be able to dial in to each individual, train them safely and more effectively, so this went hand in hand with us,” Brian Boulware, Titanium Fitness Trainer and Owner said.

He has been using Nuvita Pro, developed in Albuquerque, for about a year.

Developer, Ron McPhee says Nutiva Pro is a heart rate monitor and app specifically designed for gyms that do group workouts.

“So what Nutiva has done, is taken that science and we’ve developed technology that allows the trainer to actually see the member’s heart rate and make sure that they’re getting it in the appropriate zone during these intervals to give them the most effective workout,” he said.

The clients wear the monitor around their chest, the trainers can see everyone’s stats during the group class on a big monitor, it also gets recorded.

“And now we can put the science behind it so we’re training smarter, we’re eliminating injuries, we’re eliminating that burn out where people get over worked, over trained and we’re seeing results,” Melanie Velasquez, Titanium Fitness owner said.

But it doesn’t stop there, Nuvita-Pro is also an app on your phone.

The clients can track their workouts in and outside of the gym and their trainer can keep tabs through software on their end.

“It’s like big brother,” Boulware said.

Clients on trips who don’t make it to class can also follow along remotely while the trainer keeps watch.

“We’ve been really fortunate to be on the front end of this and to really start working through some of the details that we need as trainers for our type of coaching,” Velasquez said.

Titanium Fitness is the first gym to try the program. Now, more gyms in Albuquerque are incorporating it too.

“But this is started here in New Mexico and we’re looking for this to be a successful national launch,” McPhee explained.

Nutiva Pro is still in it’s testing stage.

It will next launch in Phoenix, Dallas and Colorado.

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