March 19, 2016



Titanium-Fitness-BrianBrian brings over 16 years of experience in fitness, wellness, and body sculpting and has had the privilege to work with hundreds of people, changing lives all over the nation. Brian has designed, implemented and executed successful fitness & wellness programs for a diverse roster of clients on an individual or group basis. Brian specializes in women’s fitness, tailoring proven results-oriented programs to yield maximum weight loss within a minimal time period, both safely and effectively. Brian possesses the ability to lead, train, coach, develop and motivate people beyond the borders of mediocrity as individuals, or collectively as teams. Brian has worked with athletes on every level including professional, college, high school and novice, as well as some famous actors he’s had the privilege to train for the big screen. Brian is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist and Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also holds certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in addition to CPR and First Aid by American Red Cross.

“My 15 years of success as a trainer have been based on delivering results. Period.”



Karli is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science. Throughout her education, she worked alongside many other personal trainers and group fitness instructors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and nutritionists to gain a broad range of experiences in the health/fitness field. She has worked closely with patients and clients of a clinical population, as well as with clients simply seeking a healthier lifestyle. She is knowledgeable about recovery by using tools like a foam roller, lacrosse ball, massage stick, as well as stretching.

Karli has a strong background in dance, which led her to become passionate about keeping active, maintaining a healthy diet and an overall healthy lifestyle. She enjoys primarily strength and resistance training for her own workouts and is excited about teaching others these same principles of exercise.

Karli is CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross and is currently working toward becoming a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine.



Nationally placed Strong Man Competitor and powerlifter, Clay brings a unique focus in safe, effective workouts designed to increase strength and power. His knowledge and technique to powerlifting allow for each client to train with precise focus and skill.

Growing up sick and overweight, Clay’s life changed dramatically when he discovered his love of strength and strength sports. Clay has spent the last 7 years dedicated to training and learning and has discovered that sharing his knowledge and experience with others to improve their lives is something he truly loves doing.

As a coach, I’m here to make you stronger, healthier, and happier.



Isaiah Madrid was born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico. He attended Eldorado High School during his time here. As a senior, he moved to Denver and graduated from Westminster High School. Isaiah went on to 4 years of college at Valparaiso University where he received his Bachelors of Arts and Science in Sports Management and a minor in Business Management. Isaiah was a 4-year Division 1 athlete.

Growing up Isaiah fell in love with soccer at a young age and has played ever since the age of the 3. Playing at a high level has caused Isaiah to become very knowledgeable about his body, his diet, his conditioning, and passion for living a healthy lifestyle. He has played all over the U.S. Training with many professional teams and a handful of different strength and conditioning coaches as well as personal trainers. He was a wide variety of background in sports training as well as conditioning. Isaiah is excited to put everything he has learned over the years to use and help your reach your fitness goals.


If you are looking for someone who is passionate about getting the results you have been looking for, let Titanium Fitness lead the way. WE DRIVE RESULTS!