March 19, 2016


Melissa & Nick

MelissaAndNickTitanium Fitness is more than just a gym. It is friends, family, life changing, and life saving. The program that Brian and Melanie have developed is truly for anyone. Titanium Fitness has made us better parents, spouses, and better people. It has taught us how to put our health first in our busy lives, giving us more energy to be better parents to our kids, and better partners to one another.


FrancineThe results and transformation that I have made with Titanium Fitness are incredible! This program has challenged me both physically and mentally. With hard work and dedication, I was able to surpass my own expectations! Brian and Melanie customized a program in which I truly believe provides amazing results.


Pam2Once I made the commitment to join Titanium Fitness, I was given the tools to achieve my goals. My lifestyle change started with proper nutrition and exercise programs. I have gained so much confidence, strength, energy, and a can-do attitude towards anything I set my mind to. Thank you, Brian and Melanie for everything!


Liz (July 2014)

I am happy today. When I started last July I was growing out of a size 22. Today, I am fitting into a 14. Thank you!



SeanSix months ago I joined Titanium Fitness. I was looking for a new and fun way to workout without going to the gym. During my first class I was crawling on my hands and knees more than anything. I was thinking to myself, “what did I sign up for?” I kept coming and soon after I was thriving. My energy level was increasing, my stamina was increasing, and my strength was increasing. Brian talked me into signing up for the biggest winner challenge in January. In 90 days I lost 13 pounds and 15 inches. I was stunned at my results. If you listen to his instructions and come to the workouts on a consistent basis you cannot fail….Brian won’t let you!


My Wife Liz started with Titanium in July 2013. I noticed she had more energy and was losing weight. We discussed it and decided I would also join. With both of us supporting each other we were attending regular workouts and keeping each other on the meal plan. The weight was steadily coming off, our bodies were becoming toned and energy levels increasing. Brian knows what makes the body tick and anyone who follows his fitness plan will see results, have more energy, and will love their new body.

Liz Story (March 2014)

I first met Brian 2 years ago for a 8 week boot camp and I had good results. It ended and Brian was not a part of my life. In July of 2013 I got a call from him that he was back in town and was back at it. I was ready this time to take hold of my life. With the help of Titanium Fitness, I am down almost 50 lbs. I turned 57 this year and I feel great and am getting a lot of looks and what are you doing you are looking thinner? I tell them Titanium Fitness is the key. Thanks for the support and for my new life.


I love going to work out with Brian and Melanie from Titanium Fitness! I started in October, and had no energy, overweight, stressed and generally not feeling good. My job had become so incredibly stressful that I needed a way to escape from the stress. I was hesitant to begin, the words “BOOT CAMP” are intimidating and I had not worked out since high school, but the entire camp was so supportive and positive from my very first time. Along with Brian and Melanie, everyone continues to be supportive and encouraging. The environment is amazing, the exercises give me energy and a way to let go of my stress, all while enjoying my workout. When I started, I couldn’t even run the length of the basketball court, and last weekend I did a 5K with our Titanium team! I continue to make progress and learn how to live healthy. I have lost 21 pounds since starting, and many inches! That is exciting, but I have also been able to reduce my stress level, and best of all my kids tell me I am so much happier now! This camp brought me back to life in the short six month period. I feel lucky to have found such wonderful people and company, the personal touch and hard work they put in to each of us encourages me to keep coming back! When I started I told Brian I would give him a year, now I know I will never leave! Thank you Titanium Fitness! I don’t know where I would be without you!


Two months in and I’m down 19 pounds!


3 months and 1 week ago today my blood pressure was 139/107 (not good) for my age or size. Today, thanks to Titanium Fitness my blood pressure is 120/85. That’s less stress, good eating, and increased physical activity. Very happy with my results so far and excited to see what the next quarter brings.


Today marked 90 days with Titanium Fitness. I have lost 20 lbs during these 90 days. I should have lost more but I got lazy toward the end with my diet. Thank you Titanium Fitness for the motivation and tools to get the results I need. I will definitely be signing up for another 90 days to get more results.


Since joining Titanium Fitness I cannot believe how much energy I have and feel so much better. I am so thankful to have Titanium in my life for the rest of my life… Thanks Brian and Melanie.


At this time last year I was a fat and unhappy father. A year later I feel great! Thank you Titanium Fitness for the support, and for teaching me a healthy way of life. This morning I burned 2,170 calories by running 10.2 miles. Certainly didn’t think I could do something like this last year!