March 19, 2016


Transforming your body is more than just a workout and diet plan. If you want to achieve a true transformation, you need to have drive, commitment, motivation, and intensity. Titanium Fitness focuses on nutrition, training and lifestyle to create a challenge that guarantees results.

It is our goal to be able to help you modify all three of these factors to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success.

Our transformation programs are going to be a little different than ones you might have tried before or what you might think a program needs to be to get results. We are going to cut through all the fluff, give you just enough education to empower you to make HUGE changes, and set you on a plan that will allow you to adjust it to your life and make individual adjustments along the way.

Challenges include:

  • Preliminary Assessments
  • Meal Plans, Food Journals, Grocery Lists
  • Boot Camps
  • Cardio Homework
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Supplement Recommendations (if applicable)
  • Health & Wellness Seminars led by professionals in various areas of expertise
  • Final Assessments: Final weight, body fat percentage & after photos
  • Prizes for the winners

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